1. Once a student has been accepted for study after interview and audition, it is expected that practicing is part of the agreement. Recommended time is 30 minutes daily, six days/week.  This time is increased as level of skill increases. Parents monitor this on a weekly basis and signing student practice records in Music History in the Making. Remember: students GET to practice six days a week! Please rest one day of your choice, but not lesson day. It is best to practice immediately following a lesson as 50% of the knowledge acquired during a lesson is lost if it has not been reinforced right away.


2. Recommended practice time per day is 30 minutes for beginners with time increasing as student advances. Advanced students can expect to practice 2 hours daily. Time required will be indicated on the weekly lesson assignment. The student is responsible for recording practice time and of course, for practicing as instructed.


3. Home environment should provide a milieu which is conducive to student achievement. A satisfactory, playable instrument, and parental encouragement in the organization of practice time are necessary tools of success for the student. An acoustic piano is required. All piano students must have a piano!


4. Please be prompt for lessons. Enter the studio the door with gold lyre. Parents will promptly pick up students after their lessons so as not to leave them unattended, waiting outside.


5. There is a variety of independent learning activities: theory, rhythm training, ear training, composer biographies, opera, styles/eras of music, music history and notation.


 6. Tuition reserves your lesson time; it is payment for your course of music education. Tuition is non-refundable. What you do with your reserved time, is entirely up to you. Tuition does not include music books/supplies, audition, recital, testing or competition fees.


7. If you have conflicting activities, you may feel free to use the Student Roster to change lesson times with another student. The teacher does not change a schedule once it has been agreed upon. The roster is maintained so that each student assumes responsibility for any change. If for some reason, you do not want your name and number on this roster, please, notify the studio at once so the information can be deleted. By enrolling in the 2012-2013 studio schedule, you agree to automatically be listed on the roster.


8. If you are sick and notify the studio 24 hours in advance your lesson time will be reassigned.

9. Vacations during the school year are not considered cancellations. Absenteeism is an obstacle to progress. It is the student's responsibility to use their reserved lesson time as there are no makeup lessons.


10. If there is a true emergency, such as death in the family or sudden, expected illness, this time will be rescheduled. Try to notify the studio as soon as possible. Due to time constraints, the lesson will be completed during the summer months and most likely will be a group lesson. The number of lessons utilized will be reflected on the monthly statements.


11. Casa de la Música tries to operate on a time schedule. However, there will be times when your private lesson does not begin right on the scheduled hour. Please do not schedule subsequent events so close that you must leave early. Allow enough time to complete your lesson. When students are in a rush to make a deadline elsewhere following the lesson, they are distracted and unable to focus.


12. Casa de la Música reserves the right to dismiss a student midyear for lack of progress due to poor practice habits and attitude. Lesson time will not be used as a substitute for practice time. Prior to dismissal, parents will be notified. Ample time will be given to correct any problems. This is part of the self-discipline of the music program.


13. Remember, if objectives for the student are not clear, a conference with parents may be necessary.


14. Please wash hands before lessons. In fact, just get in the habit of hand washing before practice or performance. Instruments are expensive and require special care and respect. At the studio, the piano keys can become a medium for communicable diseases. Cleanliness can reduce this factor. A student may be asked to excuse themselves and wash if need be during a lesson. Fingernails will be clipped short. This is an important factor in hand position.


15. A notice of one month is required for students discontinuing lessons for any reason. Once a student embarks on a school year of study, it is expected that they will complete it.


16. Payments for tuition and other student expenses are due by the 10th of each month. A late fee of $35 is charged for payments received after the 10th. A $35 service charge is applied to all accounts for checks returned for insufficient funds.


17. Only full time students will participate in recitals, contests and extra-circular activities. It is not possible to prepare part-time students for these activities. The preparation time required is not sufficient.


18. Due to the size and capacity of the studio, it is requested that family members wait outside the studio during lessons. It is too disruptive to have many people in the studio. Parents are welcome during the lesson, but without other children. Students should not bring guests to lessons.


19. Please be alert to school closings due to bad weather. If District #196 closes school for the day, there will be no lessons. If school starts late, lessons will proceed as usual. Lessons canceled due to bad weather will be made up. Please watch the website for studio closings on this website at weather.


20.  For scheduling purposes, the school calendar of District #196 is followed:  District #196 Schedule 2017-2018


21. Each student will receive Piano Explorer magazine each month. There are 10 issues per year. Cost is $12 per student per year. They are expected to read it and complete all assignments in it.


22. Casa de la Música serves as a host to pedagogy/piano major students from local colleges and universities such as University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota. On occasion, there may be a student teacher who will be observing studio activity and lessons. This should be a positive experience for all concerned. It is done only with student permission and advanced scheduling. We are pleased to be included as a resource for higher education facilities.


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