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  Studio in operation since 1984


  Nationally Certified Teacher of Music -- permanent status


  Student opportunities: MTNA, MMTA, SSMTA


  Classical approach with individual emphasis


  Students with medical challenges are welcome


  Professional nursing (R.N.) experience - 20years

A highly regarded pianist and piano pedagogue, Mary Lou Iverson is in Litchfield, Minnesota. She maintains her skills by being a frequent performer and staying in touch with latest pedagogical methods. Piano Recitals in San Luis Potosi at the Casa de la Cultura, Theatro de la Paz, and the Governor's Mansion in Mexico, singing at celebration of U.S. Air Force change of command in Germany, and many areas in the United States, she strives to add a new touch to each performance. As piano teacher she consistently has students who are local/state/national piano competition winners. She began her study of piano at age 5. The creation of Casa de la Música Piano Studio began in 1984 in Apple Valley, and has been in operation ever since. The studio is located in Litchfield, MN.


Adjudication of piano events such as MMTA state solo competition, ensemble festival, and American Federation Festival keeps Mary Lou active in the music community. Studio Management, Music Theory, Technology and the Music Studio, and Students with Disabilities are popular presentation topics provided to music teacher groups. As a writer for Keyboard Companion, she described the process of website development for an independent music studio. In 1991 Casa de la Música Piano Studio was the first piano studio in MN to have a website, or 31 years.


Mary Lou successfully combined the two parallel major careers of registered professional nurse and music educator. This unique combination made music education accessible to those with medical challenges and disabilities. It is always goal-directed, positive, enveloping the whole person.


She has published Music History in the Making, a student journal that provides goal setting and positive reinforcement. It is and has been used in Australia, Canada and of course, the United States. She is one of three Time$ig developers, a premiere studio management system for PC. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, charter member and first president of South Suburban Music Teachers Association, affiliated with Minnesota Music Teachers Association affiliated with Music Teachers National Association.


Spare time activities include family, genealogy, grandchildren, standard poodles, cats, and beading.


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