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Create your own Music History in the Making. This student planner will be a collaborative effort by teacher and student to organize one year’s worth of goals, positive feedback, reinforcement, evaluation, and structure for students. Although it functions as an assignment book, it includes much more.   


This system provides an opportunity for goal directed behavior, positive feedback, reinforcement, evaluation, and structure for all music students. Goal directed behavior is set forth by teacher. The student keeps Music History in the  Making and uses it as daily reference.  Some music books may come and go throughout the year. However, Music History in the Making remains a constant companion. Parents as well as students have come to rely on this system of organization. A favorable review of this book in Keyboard Companion, Fall 1995, assures the teacher, parents, and student  that Music History in the Making has become an accepted tool in the music studio; it is in international use.


Each year this planner is updated keeping it  relevant in today's learning environment. 

Piano Edition:  $19.95 each

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 Notebooks (3 ring binders) . . . .

  • Coordinated with  Music History in the Making!
  • Ideal for student assignments, theory papers, and music magazines 
  • Put your business card in it! Students never loose the teacher's phone number! 
  • Great music binder for performers!
  • Reasonable price.
  • Students love them and use for a variety of purposes.
  • Teachers use them too.  Great for performances.
  • Classic style. 

          Price:  $7.95 each

Sales Tax 6.75% MN Residents. Where applicable plus shipping & handling.

Educators are saying . . . .

This is the ultimate designer student journal

which will help students set their

individual goals, motivate their efforts,

and record their progress—in other words,

inspire and document their musical growth as

they create their personal music history.

                          ------Karen Koch, Music Educators Marketplace