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This work is a compilation of my collection of favorite family recipes from the many places we have lived and the many people we came to know. It certainly includes family recipes from several generations back. This work represents 38  years of collecting.  There are the favorites which were requested over and over at our house and also some rare footage of Grandma Bingham's molasses cookies. 

These recipes are certainly successes!  Trust me, please!  I know there are skeptics when it comes to the way I cook:  a little of this and some of that till it tastes "right.I have endeavored to use standard measurements, however, so that you can replicate things in your kitchen.

I certainly have had generous help from my husband, Jerry,  who has done more than his share in the kitchen...........more than he ever planned on.  Our sons have picked up the knack too.  The fact  is that this  family is made of good cooks!

And so for future posterity, bon appetite!

 With all my love,


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